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What Salt do I put in a Salt Mill?

Q – Hope all well and sorry to bother you but do you know if it’s ok to use Maldon salt in a mill? My usual salt is no longer available, Lisa

A – Hi Lisa, it depends on the mill. For most mills the Maldon is too wet and will clog the mill up. The ceramic grinders, ideally with a wooden body, are the best for a wet sea salt but you will need to make sure that the mill doesn’t get too damp or is not left too long with wet salt in without being used as the salt can harden quickly. It can also be quite corrosive on a metal mill body. Best wishes – Claire

Q – Thanks v much for your reply. I might skip the Maldon, but is all sea salt too wet? My mill is ceramic and I think it’s wood as it’s painted green, it’s a Zassenhaus

A – The test is that you can’t break a salt crystal easily between thumb and forefinger. If it doesn’t break then it should go through most grinders, whether it is sea salt or anything else. Such salt should be available in most large supermarkets. NB Don’t use flakes!