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Peugeot Chateauneuf Cherry Brown Mills

Q Do you have a set of 23 ml charterers salt and pepper in cherry remand if so please confirm the price thank you and a happy new year,

A Thankyou for your email. I think you mean the Chateauneuf mills? However, I only now have the Peugeot 23cm Chateauneuf in Cherry, in a pepper mill, I have no salt mill, I’m afraid. I believe that the factory in France has now discontinued this colour. Here is the link to the mills that we do have: Peugeot Chateauneuf Cherry Brown Mills

Best wishes – Claire

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High volume output Pepper Mill – Electric

Q Hi… I’m looking for a new pepper mill. My number one priority is to get a mill that can grind the maximum volume of pepper in the shortest amount of time. I often cook in large batches and with my existing battery powered grinder, I can be standing there with the buttom depressed for several minutes to get the volume of pepper I need. Next priority would be a grinder that can handle both small and large peppercorns, but not at the expense of priority one. What would you recommend?

A Thanks for your email .. Whilst I don’t have information on the exact volume of pepper output, the electric pepper mill with the best reputation is the Peugeot Elis Sense Pepper Mill which is touch operated so you won’t be depressing any buttom. It is an exceptionally good mill. It grinds very well and easily but is not sold as having an unusually high volume output. It takes standard size peppercorns, not the large ones which tend to block the grinder chambers of mills as they struggle to drop down easily. This would give an intermittent grind so I would watch using the big corns if you want fast output in any mill.