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Good Quality, Reasonably Priced Salt and Pepper Mills

Q Hi, I have a restaurant in North Devon and am currently looking for some good quality but reasonably priced salt and pepper mills with a non plastic grinding mechanism. Can you recommend something for me.

A Hi Jimmy, I would go for the T&G Crushgrind Salt and Pepper Mills . They have ceramic mechanisms, albeit with plastic housing but they are good value for money and reasonable quality – not the top, but you have to pay alot of that. Let me know how many you want and I will be able to quote you a bulk price.

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The Best Peugeot Mills and Wet Seasalt Grinders

Q Dear Sir or Madam, I am currently overseas at the moment but returning to Cornwall shortly. It would appear that the bread and butter top quality Pepper Mill is from the Peugeot Mill brand, can you narrow that down for me please to the one, all or most chefs and restaurants buy. I am also looking for the very best top quality wet sea salt grinding mill with no metal parts. You recommended one particular model on this website but I cannot now find that recommendation. Can you please advise. Do you have a shop open to the public at your premises in Crediton, if so would you please advise on days and opening hours as I’m not very far from yourselves and would be happy to come and purchase. Hoping you can help – Kind regards with many thanks. John C

A Dear John, Thankyou for your email. Most restaurants buy the Peugeot Paris mills or the Peugeot Bistro mills. We only have the Bistro mills available for our trade customers, in bulk quantities, however.

Wet sea salt is always a tricky one for mills as even with the best of these, the mill may need to be cleaned out more frequently than a dry salt mill, depending on the humidity of where it is kept and how frequently the mill is used. If it is left in damp conditions and rarely used, then even the best wet sea salt grinders can get clogged with crystallised salt. However, the best mills in my experience are the Crushgrind wooden mills. These have a ceramic grinder and no metal parts.

We are not usually open to the public as we are an office only, but if you give us a call we can make an appointment for you.