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Peugeot Salt Mill dropped in water!

Q Hi, I accidentally dropped my Peugeot salt mill in a pot of water – how best to dry it out? I emptied the salt from it and have it upside down in my dish drying rack but it still seems wet inside after a few days. Do I need to take it apart? Thanks for your help, hoping to get back to milled salt instead of table salt soon!! Janet.

A Hi Janet, definitely do not take the mechanism apart as it is VERY fiddly to get back together properly! I would loosen off the mill as much as you can and put it in a warm, dry place. Peugeot recommend a dry small brush to clean the mills out but that is on the assumption that they are not wet. Just be careful that you don’t allow salt to get encrusted – I would try to brush out any bits that seem to be forming as the mill dries. That is best I can think of, sorry! Peugeot say never immerse in water so I am not hopeful that things will turn out perfectly!

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Peugeot Pepper Mill 25 yrs old

Q We have a large Peugeot pepper mill for about 25 years. Have been very happy with it, but lately it just does not grind anymore. We always use the same kind of pepper corns. I asked at a kitchen store who carries your brand and they advised to get in touch with you, since it has a lifetime guarantee. Could you please help. Thank you! Martha S

A Hi Martha, thankyou for your email. 25 years is a good long time! You are right about the lifetime guarantee on the grinder. However, Peugeot is not our brand, we are an online retailer only. We do act on behalf of our our customers, but not if you bought your mills somewhere else. You will need a proof of purchase, I believe, and then you can contact the UK agents for Peugeot direct

Good luck!