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How Dark is the Chocolate Colour on Peugeot Paris Mills?

Q Hi. I purchased Peugeot Bistro mills from you recently – delighted with them. Am now looking at others as a Christmas gift. I like the chocolate colour in the picture of the Peugeot Paris 18cm mill, too. Is this just a trick of the light or are they actually different colours? Can you supply with Classic grind system or is it ‘U select’ only. Which is most durable? Kind rgd.

A Hi,Thanks for your enquiry. The chocolate on the Paris is pretty dark – bitter chocolate I would call it. All the mills are the same colour.

Most of our Peugeot Paris Mills have the U select mechanism. The non U select mills tend to be sold in bulk to restaurants or hotels, rather than retail. The Bistros that you have are primarily sold to restaurants, hence no U select at all.

In terms of which is better, the U select means it is quicker and easier to choose the grind consistency as you can immediately go to the marker of your choice. But personally I don’t think it makes much difference. I guess the simpler the engineering the less there is to go wrong, but the Peugeot mills all have the same excellent main grinders inside. I would go with the mills you like most and not worry too much about whether they are U select or not.