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Peugeot Salt Mill dropped in water!

Q Hi, I accidentally dropped my Peugeot salt mill in a pot of water – how best to dry it out? I emptied the salt from it and have it upside down in my dish drying rack but it still seems wet inside after a few days. Do I need to take it apart? Thanks for your help, hoping to get back to milled salt instead of table salt soon!! Janet.

A Hi Janet, definitely do not take the mechanism apart as it is VERY fiddly to get back together properly! I would loosen off the mill as much as you can and put it in a warm, dry place. Peugeot recommend a dry small brush to clean the mills out but that is on the assumption that they are not wet. Just be careful that you don’t allow salt to get encrusted – I would try to brush out any bits that seem to be forming as the mill dries. That is best I can think of, sorry! Peugeot say never immerse in water so I am not hopeful that things will turn out perfectly!