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Repair on an old Peter Piper mill

Q – The grinder at the base of the mill seems to be not grinding? Do you have or can you point me in the right direction or should I bin it!! (hope note) Thankyou Anne

A – Hi Anne, Thankyou for your email. I don’t know where you could get this mill repaired, I’m afraid. As I understand it, Peter Piper mills are no longer made but they had Peugeot grinders in them.  I have never sold them so I can’t verify this and I can’t be sure that any advice I give is correct.  However, with Peugeot grinders sometimes large corns get stuck in the mechanism and it is worth emptying the mill and loosening off the top knob so you can try to clear the grinding chamber out. Poking from the bottom with a wooden kebab skewer has been known to work! I would not take the mechanism apart, however, as it may be hard to put back together.
Good luck and sorry that I can’t be of more help. Best wishes – Claire