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Spare Knob for Peugeot Pepper Mill?

Q Hi We have lost the knob for our Peugeot pepper mill and was hoping you would be able to help us. I have pictures of the screw from the pepper mill and the knob from the salt grinder pair. Kind regards Christian.

A Hi there, thanks for sending the images. However, this mill doesn’t look like the ones I have in stock so I can’t test that a spare knob will fit. I don’t have one of these flattened bottom knobs either so I don’t think I can help you with any confidence. Sorry! The knobs vary in terms of thread, spindle length that is inserted into the knob, and width of the spindle. It is surprising how different they are. And if you get the wrong one, even if it threads on, it may not keep the top section of the mill in place and therefore you will be unable to grind your mill.