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Which Mill Brand Should I Buy?

We sell what we believe are the best mill brands on the market, PEUGEOT, CrushGrind® and Zassenhaus. Here are the reasons why.

Why AdHoc?

AdHoc Mills in salt, pepper and chilli are designed in Germany. They have now reached the UK, being popular in mainland Europe, particularly Germany and Austria. AdHoc products are sold in over 28 countries around the world, so the company has a good pedigree.

The AdHoc Pepper Mill and Salt Mill have the same ceramic mechanism as each other, and so each mill can be used with either condiment, or with dried leaf herbs and spices if you prefer. With a pair of mills, distinguish between salt mill and pepper mill either by the condiment in the clear acrylic window, or by the colour of the mill AdHoc have also addressed the issue of “bits” being left on the table after use, with a closing shutter mechanism at the bottom of the mills.

What distinguishes the AdHoc mills, I think, is the modern, contemporary design. This is where they score above the other brands we sell. For those looking for the top end of the market, we would recommend PEUGEOT.

2 year warranty on the salt and pepper grinder

The mills are made in the Far East, but we import from Germany, so the quality control and management is German. They are economically priced mills for domestic use.

AdHoc make a range of bright colours in the Tropica and Milano mill designs – orange, green and red. These are available on special order. Please call for details – 01363 881174 View AdHoc Products

Why CrushGrind?

CrushGrind® is a hi-tech ceramic grinding mechanism that some say knocks PEUGEOT off top spot. Award-winning and very competitively priced, CrushGrind® is the choice for those prepared to by-pass the PEUGEOT proven pedigree. Personally, I would say that PEUGEOT mills are still the best in most respects. I would recommend CrushGrind for those who want to use a wet salt (the CrushGrind mills are less fussy about the condiment that you use), and for those on more of a budget than the PEUGEOT mills allow.

  • Lifetime mechanism guarantee
  • Voted top mill in 3 UK Industry Awards
  • Highly flexible – will grind salt, pepper, whole dried herbs or spices
  • Non-corrosive, non-porous ceramic mechanism
  • Recommended ‘Best Buy’ on BBC’s day time TV
  • Easy to clean and fill – no spindle!
  • Tested equivalent to 400 years of normal domestic use
  • Recommended by Malden Sea Salt

CrushGrind® ‘s Danish inventors were inspired to create a mill that transformed the traditional salt and pepper mills – too many houses had a mill that didn’t work properly. And the ceramic CrushGrind® mechanism they invented is indeed revolutionary. CrushGrind® uses no spindle, has hi-tech spiral blades and a ratchet system. Our supplier launched their CrushGrind® brand in 1998 and it has gone from strength to strength. View CrushGrind Products

Why Peugeot?

We chose PEUGEOT professional mills and grinders because of their unrivalled world renown and quality.

We are frequently asked which are our best salt and pepper mills, and we answer PEUGEOT! This is not just because of their market reputation but because we get so much good feedback from customers. They are professional quality. The mill body is made of very good materials, good quality beechwood, stainless steel mechanisms etc etc. Even with the acrylic, you can tell the difference in its quality, lovely and clear. And the lacquered gloss mills have 7 coats. They really shine. Hand on heart, there is one weakness which is that because part of the manufacture is still by hand in France, the mills are more variable in terms of finish than with the highly automated, production line mills. You also have to follow the instructions on what condiment to use. Don’t use a wet salt in the salt grinders, and don’t use the bigger, soft peppercorns that are now on the market. Other than that, they have got to get top spot.

  • Perfect grinding consistency every time
  • The choice of leading chefs and restaurants worldwide – very rare for a restaurant customer chose a different brand!
  • Each mechanism is designed for its specific task – so as to do each job better
  • A genuine unlimited lifetime guarantee on all mechanisms
  • Over 160 years of mill manufacturing experience – and it shows with the quality of the product
  • Made from the highest quality materials – its the kind of product you open and feel really pleased with
  • Stainless steel mechanisms with patented treatment to protect from corrosion whilst maintaining the sharpness
  • Huge range of different designs and styles from the traditional to the ultra modern

“Ever since I started my career as a chef I have used PEUGEOT mills. New technologies have come and gone but after 160 years of expertise, original PEUGEOT mechanisms are still the best”

Novelli Academy,

In 1810 the PEUGEOT brothers began producing rolled steel in their mill. They started making kitchen mills in 1840 but have produced a whole array of famous specially designed goods including the cars and bicycles we know well. They continue to innovate without losing their traditional quality and proven technologies.

The PEUGEOT pepper mill stainless steel mechanism is specifically designed to mill whole peppercorns. All the mills are adjustable, with the U select mechanism ( see below ) offering pre-set grind settings. The unique PEUGEOT grinding mechanism has a helix-shaped double row of teeth that cracks the corns in half before then grinding them finely. The mechanism has a patented treatment to protect it from corrosion whilst retaining its milling sharpness

The standard PEUGEOT salt mill mechanism is designed to grind dry rock salt crystals. A recommended brand is Tidman’s rock salt which you can buy from Sainsbury, Tesco or Waitrose. Again, the salt mechanism is stainless steel and treated to protect against corrosion.

The U select mechanism is PEUGEOT’s latest innovation and allows you to choose from 6 pre-set levels on the pepper mills and 3 on the salt mills. It means that finding your preferred fineness or coarseness of grind is not left to guesswork as you adjust View Peugeot Products

Why Zassenhaus?

Zassenhaus of Germany have been manufacturing high quality mills for over 100 years. They began in 1867, and first produced their famous coffee grinders 20 years later. The first pepper mills were produced in 1904. In 2000 they invented the first continuously adjustable grinding mechanism made with high quality ceramic.

Each mill has a patented ceramic mechanism, harder than steel, completely wear-proof and corrosion free. The mills are adjustable with 6 different settings from rough to fine grind to suit the user’s requirements.

The grinding mechanism is suited to pepper, salt, spices like crushed chillies, cumin or coriander seeds. 

25 year guarantee – a little short of a lifetime. I have said that they should make it a lifetime one if they want to be known amongst the best grinders on the market, which I believe they do! So, fingers crossed they will listen!! View Zassenhaus Products